At the service of the indissoluble link between luxury and infinity.

At the service of the indissoluble link between luxury and infinity.

Different is defined that thing that does not meet with another. Different things often want a little bit of attention to be known.
It is precisely creating diversity that we build uniqueness.

Luxury is style. A luxury object is an icon that travels beyond time and distance. For this reason, OREQUO does not forget its objects.


OREQUO guarantees the uniqueness of its products through a signed and certified document, and, in addition, a cryptographic system is being implemented to ensure the traceability of our objects and to engage in the fight against the counterfeiting of Made in Italy.
Our products are irreplicable in their kind, being made with precision and care by Italian artisans.
We take care of our articles in all their phases, from design to delivery to the customer, and having a limited series production we are able to follow the production process step by step. In this way we have the possibility to intervene in each step to modify or improve our product.


OREQUO aspires to create objects of an eternal value and, for this reason, is committed to following and take care of its products throughout their lives and is committed to restoring the signs of time, not forgetting, however, that their are distinctive of the story of our objects.
We use all the appropriate techniques to guarantee the longest life of the object and the interventions will always be performed with materials of tested compatibility with those on which it intervenes. We can also perform operations of restoration, completion and innovation through the removal of parts or the integration of missing or irrecoverable elements with new concept elements.


OREQUO offers free assistance 24/7. You can request general information on the site or on purchases of products through the Customer Service telephone or by email or by contacting us at our postal address. In addition, an online messaging system is active that allows you to get indications and clarifications in a quicker and more immediate way.
To guarantee the tracking of the shipment we will send more e-mails during the process of order processing: a summary of the purchase, the taking charge of the shipment by the courier and the notice of the forthcoming delivery of the package.
The return / replacement of all orders placed, will take place by pick-up of the courier and without costs by the customer.

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