Surprise with geometries!
Orchestra of lines, contours and shapes in which the sounds emerge at the sight of the colors.

Composition: Twill 100% Silk, hand hem
Colors: red/yellow/violet/light blue nuance
Sizes: Height 31 cm , Width 31 cm
Edition: Limited to 1000 unique pieces

Printed silk pocket square with an artistic image inspired by abstractionism. Figures and lines with strong, brilliant and decisive colors, in balance with each other, representing sounds and silences on a blue background, enveloping and fascinating, but distant and rarefied like an artistic sky.

Metropolitan Geometries, belonging to the Pitture collection, will be produced in a limited edition. To enhance the uniqueness of our pocket square, the serial number and the year of production will be reproduced on the satin label of the same color as the printed image.


“Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers, the soul is the piano with its many chords.”
- Vassily Kandinsky


Colors like musical instruments, lines and curves like sounds, lyric and dramatic. Tints and shades fill elementary geometric shapes, evoking unique sensations and emotions like an intense melody.


Give free rein to your personality by wearing a character detail. Composition of colors, shapes and lines apparently random, but, with its harmony, which knows how to strike and leave a fine and elegant mark.


In the pocket square features such as autonomy, freedom and sensitivity are highlighted. The masculine look is completed and exalted through a decisive and energetic accessory.


Metropolitan Geometries
Metropolitan Geometries
Metropolitan Geometries