"One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star."
- Friedrich Nietzsche


"Choosing an object you choose a fragment of history. The habit leads us into seeing everything we have for what it is, we stick to the final result, what we all see, but even the smallest and most usual object is born from an idea, it was first thought and imagined by the mind of someone and then wanted and desired just as it comes to our eyes with their purposes and its reason. Each creation embodies its path in itself. Our accessories are details and, by definition, the details are not always negligible, so we want to make even the steps of their realization not negligible."

  1. Pitture


    28th of April 2017

    Any object is born of a passion. The drive to realize the Pitture collection comes from an interest in art as an expression of a language, a transmission of emotions and a vehicle for messages, a concept that is also the basis of our idea of ​​aesthetic value. In this way it grows the desire to combine four works by four great artists to an accessory synonymous with elegance and style.

  2. Pitture


    12th of June 2017

    Inspired by a color, a sign or a shape, the image begins to be outlined. On the background, a work of analysis and historical research regarding the painting and its painter. A decomposition and recomposition of contours and shapes combined with an exploration of color combinations and harmonies between color tones so as to reproduce, on an fabric, an idea rather than a simple representation.

  3. Pitture


    4th of August 2017

    The idea is a representation or a drawing that is born in the mind. What, at a first glance, may seem to be a confusion of signs, shapes and colors, begins to define itself with a pencil on a piece of paper. You begin to sketch your vision, to note the color that blends perfectly with the other, the outline or the shape you want to represent and the idea you want to tell.

  4. Pitture


    16th of October 2017

    Today, the manual graphics perfectly aligns to the computerized one. The design is developed using modern computer techniques allowing to create a very high definition image. The colors and the contours, deliberately clean and bright, are used to represent the dynamism and vivacity that distinguishes the contemporary era.

  5. Pitture


    9th of November 2017

    Our project is entrusted to the expert hands of textile artisans who transform the design into a real painting on fabric. The image is printed using modern techniques and then reviewed and meticulously checked in the quality of the colors and lines. The edges of the pocket square are edged and finished carefully by hand.

  6. Pitture


    11th of December 2017

    The idea of packing the pocket square as if it were a real art masterpiece requires a careful and meticulous work also on the wrapping. At the opening of a stately box, branded with our gold logo, one of the thousand unique pieces of the Pitture collection imposes itself on sight, stretched out and framed by a black border as if it were a precious canvas to hang.

  7. Pitture


    21st of January 2018

"Nobody can add anything to a tree, a flower. So a true work of art."
- Christian Friedrich Hebbel

Inspired by masterpieces of great and famous artists, each pocket square pays tribute to a work of art, which, as the famous Austrian writer and playwright Arthur Schnitzler puts it, is distinguished by three criteria: harmony, intensity and continuity. Our aspiration, in fact, is to give life to a small object characterized by a harmony of lines, which arouses an intense aesthetic pleasure and that can have a continuous value over time thanks to the historical and artistic roots that it contains.

Our aim is to be able to tell and make known through this collection a fragment of the past, the greatest expression of beauty that can be obtained from the colors, spaces and lines of an artist. It is the inspiration underlying this small detail that can make the difference for the wearer. Today, we are looking for continuous innovations from every side, we offer a fresh and colorful idea, while maintaining our link with our culture and the past.