Distinguish yourself through details

create your identity

The heritage of excellence: everything flows, style remains.

OREQUO embodies quality, elegance, refinement, design and style ... the innate values ​​of Made in Italy excellence.
Respecting the tradition of craftsmanship of our country, we choose and carefully select the materials that we process with particular attention and work in detail to create unique items that will be produced in limited series.

We create the destiny of our own objects
Each object has an essence and a story that blends with the owner's style and describes its identity.
Each one of our creations is a unique experience and emotion.
OREQUO’s aim is precisely to build an unmistakable link between object and owner.

Our duty
Craftsmanship and creativity are the principles of our work.
Treating a product in detail but, above all, giving attention to the customer is our firm point.
The authenticity and the uniqueness of our objects are not given only by the process of craft creation but by being able to follow every step of its realization from within.

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